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Kimberly Health Products®

                                               Our Pledge to you:

        At Kimberly Health Products®, we're dedicated to providing you, our customers, with a happier, more enjoyable life by utilizing the highest quality magnetic therapeutic products.

        Service and quality are paramount in our ongoing mission to promote your holistic well-being. Click on Shop and enjoy the experience!

We use the highest quality materials, providing you with the best in the world.

       Browse our flexibles, double flexibles, ceramic's & rare earth"Neodymiums."

           We cover you from head to toe, enjoy and thank you for coming!

Want to see our North Pole® Magnets, visit our showroom at: 

                        112 NE Hayes St. Greenfield, Iowa

                        Monday thru Friday 8-5 pm

North Pole® Magnets products demonstrate our commitment to quality and effectiveness. Research shows a distinct advantage to separating the poles of therapeutic magnets, since they provide directly opposite results.

Welcome to Kimberly Health Products®. First, let me thank you for investing your time with Kimberly Health Products®, the incredible world of North Pole® Magnets and healing magnetic therapy. As you look through our website, we think you will see Kimberly Health Products® is a different kind of company. Our products represent the cutting edge of technology, combining the best of science and nature.




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